Friday, October 21, 2011

Latest Intel on the next generation Audi A3


Built on VW Group's new MQB modular platform, the third generation Audi A3 will be 10% lighter and more fuel-efficient than the current model. It will also now be offered in four body styles including the three-door, convertible, five-door Sportback and four-door sedan. They will have Audi's new styling with the six-point front grille and be clearly recognizable as an A3. The sedan and convertible will have wider wheel arches and slightly different shape to the side panels and rear lights.

Audi has said the A3 is practically ready for it's official launch in less than six months. However, they are currently working on the TT successor, the new Q7, the R8 successor and the next A4/A5 family.

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