Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Is VW Bringing a New VR6 Engine?


With the recent 'Design Vision' GTI debut in Wörthersee, Volkswagen showed us a new VR6. This 3.0L 24v six-cylinder could possibly replace the current 3.6L seen in such models like the Passat CC. It has been rumored that a new VR6 is expected for more future models. It may also hint the possible VR6 return to the Golf GTI and future Golf R model.
The concept 3.0L VR6 produces 503hp with the help of Twin-Turbos, but with the turbos removed we could be looking at a factory engine producing just over 300hp. When Volkswagen's Head of R&D Ulrich Hackenberg was asked about this 3.0L VR6 turbo or non-turbo engine being produced, he smiled and said "nothing has been decided at this time".
The 3.0L VR6 was developed for the Chinese market (since any engine over 3.0L has a much higher tax), but after appearing in the concept GTI it does open the idea for the VR6 return.
The distinct growl, and low-end torque of that narrow angle six-cylinder is what made sporty VW's so popular from 1991-2003. With the nearly 10 year absence, let's hope Volkswagen is ready to bring that back into the Golf (maybe even Scirocco) platform. It may be nose heavy and create plenty of understeer, but driving a VR6 VW is a guilty pleasure for any car enthusiast.
Side note, it was confirmed by a Senior Porsche engineer that this VR6 is not in any way related to new engines being developed for the Porsche Macan.

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