Friday, May 3, 2013

After much anticipation and long wait, the new (991) 911 Turbo is finally here. Both models use a Twin-Turbo 3.8L Flat-Six engine, while the 'Turbo' delivers 520hp and the 'Turbo S' produces 560hp. 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) only takes 3.2 seconds for the Turbo, and 3.0 seconds for the Turbo S. They both have a top speed just under 200mph.
The overall size is longer, wider (1.1 inches wider rear fenders over the Carrera 4), and all four wheels have been pushed out for wider track. The new electro-hydraulic controlled AWD system features rear-wheel steering for sharper cornering and improved control. Overall weight is down to just 1570 kg (3460 lbs), for improved power to weight ratio. Transmission is only available with a 7-speed PDK, that has been upgraded considerably.
The exterior is greatly updated with larger side air intakes, new louvered deck lid, full LED headlights (on the Turbo S), adjustable rear wing with three positions, and for the first time retractable front spoiler. The new front spoiler was developed upon listening to their customers and is simply called Porsche active aerodynamics (PAA). This adjustable three-stage spoiler makes driving a supercar a little easier in the everyday world from speed bumps, and steep driveways. The fully extended front spoiler provides great downforce. Working with the rear spoiler ensures the car is firmly planted to the ground, especially at high speeds.
The 560bhp Turbo S can post an in impressive Nürburgring lap time under 7 minutes 30 seconds with factory tires. This is a vast improvement over the previous Turbo S, and on par with the McLaren MP4-12C and Porsche Carrera GT.
The new Turbo will hit the market this September 2013, priced from 162,055€ ($149,250 US) for the the 'Turbo', and 195,256€ ($182,050 US) for the 'Turbo S'.

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