Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Total 911 iPad Porsche wallpapers – free to download!


Total 911 has created two sets of desktop and lockscreen backgrounds which have been kept deliberately plain so they don’t distract from your app icons, plus more colourful images to put on your lockscreen (although, of course, feel free to swap them around).

To install one of the wallpapers, ctrl/right-click the links below and save the file to your computer. Then either add them to iPhoto and sync them to your iPad or email them to yourself and apply them as a wallpaper from there. Or, if you’re reading this post on an iPad, click the link and then tap and hold on the image to save it.

And even if you don’t have an iPad, take a look at the images. If you like Porsches, you’ll love these!

Desktop background

RSR in orange     934.5 split screen     Porsche badge on carbon

997 Turbo S v GT2 RS     Topless Turbo     Ultimate 964

959 – the ultimate     Californian sunset     Classic 911L rally

Stealth black     Snow white     Whaletail red     996 purity

Cobalt Carrera     Not so mellow yellow

Lockscreen backgrounds

Turbo S slipping     997 dream drive     959 v Ferrari 288

Flatnose 930     993 Turbo in black     RS duo     Fuchs

Wild, wild Turbos     Cutting a dash

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Videos: Porsche "Genetic Code"


Porsche has just released a set of new "Genetic Code" videos showcasing the manufactures latest and greatest!

Here are some of our favorites

A lightweight lithium-ion battery is optionally available for the Boxster Spyder, the 911 GT3 RS, the 911 GT3 and the 911 GT2 RS. Its shape and function are comparable to those of a conventional lead battery. However, the lithium-ion battery offers a weight saving of more than 10 kg in comparison with the conventional vehicle battery used as standard. These are not all the advantages, however: the compact construction reduces the height by approx. 70 mm, the power output is uniformly high regardless of the charge state, the number of charging and discharging operations is also higher and the service life is longer.

The benchmark could hardly have been set any higher: the 911 GT2. The objective: to create something even better. The means: Porsche Intelligent Performance. The result: the new 911 GT2 RS. No lack of muscle. No excess weight. No more than 500 vehicles. On the most demanding race track in the world, this concept car peaked with a lap time of 7 minutes and 18 seconds. The factor predominantly responsible for this enhanced performance: Porsche Intelligent Performance. An efficiency concept, which is reflected for example in an effective lightweight construction. Consequently, for every 1 hp in the 911 GT2 RS there is only 2.21 kg of body weight.

The very first sports car to bear the Porsche name won races. We treasure our heritage and never forget where we came from. In the field of motor sports we have achieved countless successes and written history. In motor sports, fractions of seconds count. This is what our engineers are working for. Example: Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK). Extremely fast gear changes with no interruption in traction at any time. Yielding a substantial improvement in acceleration values and fuel economy. Our genetic code is particularly evident here. Technology is not an end in itself. Instead the driver should benefit.

Checkout the rest of the videos below or at the Porsche Channel

1,632 Combinations 1700 Degree 120 Bars

110 Years 66 Percent 3 Liters

2011 VW Passat facelift new picture leak


This new alleged photo of the 2011 Volkswagen Passat has surfaced on the website of Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet. The paper has sourced the photo directly to VW, handed to the paper by a distributor in Norway.

The facelift shows new headlights that do away with the bulged design on the current Passat. The lenses look to be shaped slightly different than those seen in a previous leaked "photo" obtained by Autobild (see below).

What is the same is the new, flat horizontal grille and redesigned fog lights. The new photo also looks to show a remodeled bumper, and completely restyled sidesills and side panels. Interior changes are expected to include a different instrument cluster, the use of upgraded materials and a new multifunction steering wheel.

We should find out what the final look of the 2011 VW Passat will look like in the run up to the Paris Motor Show media days, beginning Sept. 30. The car is expected to appear as both a sedan and station wagon, with both hitting markets in Europe possibly by November.

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Audi A3: Latest intel about the next generation


We have the latest intel and all you need to know about the next-generation Audi A3, coming in 2012.

Audi will bring a bunch of 3- and 4-cylinder engines with the new Audi A3, ranging from 1.2 liters to 2.0 liters. Highlight will be the new Audi S3 with a 300bhp bi-turbo engine. An Audi RS3 is possible, but Audi will check the feedback on the Audi RS3, based on the current generation, next year first.

Also, as mentioned earlier an Audi A3 Sedan is being considered.

Other highlights will be a series of new technologies: start-stop technology will come as standard eg. and there will be a lot of optional technologies available like assistance systems and the new Audi MMI, known already from the Audi A8. The maps will also be available from the Audi A8.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

JMS Audi A5 S-Line Cabriolet


JMS has put together a nice pakage to make the already amazing Audi A5 Cabrio even more desirable. The best thing about the A5 is that it’s sporty and classy at the same time, and JMS managed to maintain these features and if anything, boost them. The new add-on front spoiler lip can be fitted to A5 S-line Convertible, Coupe and Sportback models, while the new rear apron replaces the standard part.

Each of the front and rear kits cost 260 euros, which is a fair price. If you’re ready for spending more, JMS offers a 4-pipe exhaust system with oval tailpipes from Senner for 1090 euros, KW coilover suspension Var. 2 Inox for 1319 euros, and VARA T1 rims in size 9×20 front / rear 10,5 x20, with tires 245/30 20 and 295/25 20 for 5500 euros.

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As expected, the Spyder is the send-off model for the current generation Porsche Boxster (987), so a new version – rumored to carry the 981 designation – is under development.

Like anything hailing from Stuttgart, any changes to Boxster's chassis and exterior will be minor, with more shapely sheetmetal adorning the outside and a few minor modifications to the suspension, brakes and assorted underbody bits. Naturally, a few interior tweaks are part of the package, but the big news is the possible addition of a four-cylinder powerplant for the 2012 model year.

While the 2.9- and 3.4-liter flat six-cylinder engines will likely carryover with minor bumps in horsepower and torque, there's talk of a four-cylinder Boxster being added to Porsche's line-up just above its oft-rumored entry-level model – a rebirth of the 914 co-developed with Volkswagen and Audi. Additionally, Porsche has confirmed it will begin testing three Boxsters with electric drivetrains next year, but technical details on the EVs have yet to be released.

Initial speculation suggested that the 2012 Boxster could make an appearance at the Paris Motor Show this fall, but the smart money is on a Geneva debut in March.

Click for full size

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Friday, August 27, 2010

New spy shots of the next generation Porsche 911


These are the latest spy images of the next-generation Porsche 911 in testing ahead of its official launch at next year’s Frankfurt motor show.

Codenamed 991, the heavily re-engineered coupé and cabriolet are set to go on sale in October 2011. They will get freshened exterior styling, a higher-quality interior, more powerful yet highly fuel-efficient six-cylinder boxer engines, sharpened dynamics and a greater list of high-end options.

As with today’s 911, the front-end structure, complete with its MacPherson strut suspension, has been designed to be shared with the Boxster, a third-generation model of which is due in March 2012. The rear end, with its reworked multi-link suspension, remains largely unique, and the steering uses an electro-mechanical set-up.

The new car is marginally longer and wider than the existing 911 but the basic silhouette, while stretched slightly, remains largely unchanged, including the screen angles and length of the front and rear overhangs. The biggest change is the widened wings, which have been designed to accept wheels up to 20 inches in diameter.

Again, there are no major changes to the 911’s styling. Headlamps and tail-lights have been altered slightly and given new LED graphics, while the exterior mirror housings now sit outboard on the doors rather than in the blanked-off quarter panel at the base of the A-pillar.

The engine line-up is based around upgraded versions of Porsche’s six-cylinder, direct injection petrol unit, boasting incremental increases in power and torque and slight reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

When sales get under way there will be a 3.6-litre engine with 365bhp and 295lb ft in the Carrera. It will be joined from the outset by a revised 3.8-litre powerplant delivering 415bhp and 325lb ft in the Carrera S.

Both engines will come with a six-speed manual gearbox as standard; the seven-speed PDK (Porsche Doppel Kupplung) unit is an option, with shift paddles behind the wheel. Automatic stop-start and a brake recuperation system are also planned, helping to provide a claimed 12 per cent gain in city driving economy for the rear-drive Carrera and Carrera S.

Further variants will follow in time, including more powerful versions of the Turbo, GT3, and GT2.

Click for full size

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Vorsteiner Porsche 911 Turbo VRT


American tuner Vorsteiner released a new body kit for the Porsche 911 Turbo, which fixes everything that’s wrong with the standard car’s styling! This lightweight carbon fiber kit includes a new front-end which seems to be inspired by the GT3, side skirts, a redesigned rear bumper with a massive diffuser and a big racing rear wing.

This kit actually makes the car lighter as it also comes with carbon fiber roof. To complete the package the VRT has been fitted with monoblock aluminum wheels with center locks wrapped in Michelin PS2 sport tires.

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Sportec launches 425 bhp Audi S5 V6


The latest project from APS of Brackley, UK importer for the Swiss Sportec is a new performance upgrade Audi S5 quattro coupé and cabriolet, 2009MY and above, that are powered by the 3.0-litre supercharged V6 TFSI engine. They call it the ‘Stage One’ upgrade, even though there’s only one plan and there’s no stage two! What’s really important is that the package adds 97 bhp to the output of S5’s V6.

So instead of 328 bhp at 6000 rpm standard you get 425 bhp at 6640 rpm, while the stock car’s 440 Nm (325 lb.ft) is now upgraded to 520 Nm (379 lb.ft) at 4250 rpm as well. They say it considerably enhances the in-gear and fast cruising performance of the car, in keeping with its luxury GT credentials, but don’t expect much as the acceleration time from 0 to 60 mph is reduced by 0.5 seconds to 4.6 seconds, and the top speed is still limited to 155 mph.

Suitable for coupé and cabriolet models of the 3.0-litre TFSI supercharged Audi S5, the Sportec Stage One upgrade is available now from APS Sportec priced at £1950.00 fitted including VAT.

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VW's Amarok will NOT be sold in the U.S.


Late last month, it was reported that the Amarok was expected to be sold in the U.S., but Brazil media relations manager Gilberto dos Santos responded saying: "Volkswagen is not planning currently to market the Amarok in the U.S.. It is destined for South America, Europe, Russia, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. Capacity of the General Pacheco manufacturing plant in Argentina is 100,000 units yearly, and the planned demand will be fully met. Other markets such as the U.S. and Asia are not in the company's plans."

VW simply doesn't think there are enough Americans waiting in the wings with cash-in-hand ready to take the fateful trip down to the local dealership. After all, the Amarok wouldn't likely sell for less money than a well-equipped and V8-powered full-size pickup truck from one of America's three specialists in the field, and its admittedly attractive specifications probably wouldn't mean it would be more useful to the average Joe, either. Those that really want that torquey little diesel engine (and are willing to pay for it) wouldn't amount to enough sales to make it worthwhile to VW.

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Senner Tuning Audi A1


Senner is the next tuner to come up with an upgrade package for the Audi A1, and by the looks of things it’s the best so far. Specially in this cool blue paintjob, it looks stunning. The visual appeal of the car is further boosted by the 18-inch Barracuda Voltec T6 light alloy wheels which can be had in Real-Chrome and Black-Chrome. They have also increased the power output.

Senner Audi A1 also has KW-thread suspension for lower ride height, cooler looks, and better handling.

As for the power, the A1’s 1.6 TDI engine can be increased from 77KW / 105PS / 250 Nm to 103KW / 140 PS / 310 Nm thanks to software optimization kit (899 Euro). You can also get a right/left stainless steel sport exhaust system with 1x 90 mm exhaust pipes.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

2012 Audi A6 Early Look


This is as close as you're going to get to the 2012 Audi A6 for awhile. It's not scheduled to arrive until next year, but these photo illustrations are based on the latest prototypes that revealed much of the car's new shape.

Clearly the overall design is evolutionary, something we've come to expect from Audi as of late. The edges have been softened a bit and the greenhouse has been drawn back a little, too. As expected, the rear end mimics the styling of the already revealed A7, another midsize four-door that will slot just above the A6 in the lineup.

And like the A7, the 2012 Audi A6 will consist of a conventional steel chassis that uses numerous aluminum parts to keep the overall weight down. The standard suspension will use traditional steel coil springs, while an optional air suspension will also be available. Audi's Drive Select system will also be part of the offerings, so even if you don't opt for the air suspension you'll still be able to adjust the steering, throttle and damper settings.

Expect to see a fully revamped powertrain lineup that could consist of all forced-induction engines. On the low end, this A6 may introduce Audi's potent 2.0-liter, turbocharged four-cylinder as the base engine. Audi's TTS coupe already has a 272-horsepower version of that engine, so it wouldn't be giving up much power to its competitors' entry-level engines.

Midgrade models will likely use the 3.0-liter supercharged V6 already available in the current A6, while top-of-the-line versions will get Audi's new turbocharged 4.0-liter V8. That engine will likely offer an eight-speed automatic transmission or an optional seven-speed dual-clutch setup.

An official unveil of the 2012 Audi A6 is expected at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show.

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Spy Shots: VW Up! hot weather testing


The first prototypes of the Volkswagen Up! minicar have arrived in Death Valley California today. Although they're draped in some pretty heavy camouflage, it's clear that the production Up! will be very similar to the concept. Our keen-eyed spy photographers pointed out that while these two prototypes appear to be very similar, the one with its grille closed off could actually be the all-electric E-Up! model.

Volkswagen has already announced that it is preparing to start production of the Up! next year at its plant in Slovakia. The lineup will include this two-door coupe as well as the larger Space Up! and Space Up! Blue, both of which were unveiled as concepts several years ago.

At the moment, plans for sales in the U.S. are tentative. Volkswagen is weighing its desire for a higher overall sales in the U.S. with the fact that cars of this stature typically aren't all that popular in America. Expect to see the final production version of the Up! coupe soon as sales in European are expected to start less than a year from now.

We will be keeping our eyes peeled for more spy shots of the VW prototypes as they go through their hot weather testing. For now, have a look at these initial spy shots below (Click for full size).

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VW Touareg R intel and rendering


The Touareg will have an R version, but it will be adopting some hybrid technology.

With the enlarged front air intakes, R logo, and sport wheels there is no denying this model over just a Touareg.
The Touareg R has a reputation to defend, since the first edition Touareg R W12 is already one of the most wanted sport 4x4's. The successor has a even higher power output of 500hp against 450hp of the W12. Conscious of its weight and fuel consumption, the new Touareg R will adopt the turbocharged V8 from Audi. The motor will also make its debut soon in the future Audi S6, S7, S8, and Q7. In addition, the Touareg R will also reach a new technological step adopting lithium-ion batteries.
The Touareg R is said to appear in January at the Detroit auto show, for commercialization in spring 2011.

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Mercedes-Benz is well known for having pioneered the four-door-coupe segment, and has had at this market all alone for quite some time. However, other luxury automakers like Audi, Porsche and even BMW are catching on to the coupe-ish sedan profile and are looking to get a piece of the pie. But what if you’re looking for such a styled car, but don’t exactly have the budget to accommodate a Mercedes, Audi, Porsche or BMW. With just that consumer in mind, Volkswagen has its new CC, a four-door-coupe with a luxurious look and feel coupled together with solid German driving dynamics.

Originally introduced by Volkswagen in 2008, the new CC is a four-door-coupe version of the company’s famed Passat, and it offers great looks at an affordable price. While this is all well and good, it left us wondering; would the CC be more than merely a Passat wrapped in attractive sheet-metal?

2010 Volkswagen CC Specifications:
Engine: 2.0L TSI turbo 4-cylinder – 200-hp / 207 lb-ft of torque; 3.6L FSI V6 – 280-hp / 266 lb-ft.
Transmission: 6-speed manual; 6-speed Tiptronic.
Curb Weight: 3,300 lbs for 2.0T; 3,628 for VR6.
0 to 60 mph: 6.9 seconds in 2.0T w/ manual; 6.6 seconds in VR6 w/ auto.
Top Speed: 130 mph.
Fuel-Economy (city/highway): 22/31 mpg for 2.0T; 18/26 for VR6.

As would be expected of any vehicle in this segment, the Volkswagen Passat CC exudes sexiness and elegance from every angle. No design element was overlooked on this car, starting from the gorgeous front-end with its double-cross-strutted grille with Volkswagen logo placed in the center of two trapezoidal headlamps. That is taken all the way back to the large dual-oval shaped taillights and rear spoiler embedded into the trunk lid.

The aggressive design of the front is enhanced by the large air intakes which feature integrated turn signals and fog lamps. The whole package is highlighted by a sporty front-spoiler, which serves to optimize the high-speed downforce. The sloping roofline which runs from the B-pillar back to the C-pillar gives the entire package a smooth, flowing design from front to back and is very pleasing on the eye.

As is an inherent design element with most four-door-coupes, the rear-window is shrunken, thus creating a minimal viewing field out of the rear of the car, but the overall design of this car is smooth and sleek enough to compensate for this.

As far as dimensions are concerned, the CC, certainly occupies more space than the Passat with its length of 188.9-inches, width of 73.0 inches, and height of 55.8 inches. The wheelbase however, is identical to that of the Passat, measuring in at 106.7 inches.

Immediately one will notice the premium feel of the interior; a trait of most VW models, as the company’s use of soft-touch materials and precise assembly provide for a solid and tight interior without any shaking or give. Continuing the theme of premium interior elements, the CC offers very comfortable seats that can be upholstered in either V-Tex or leather, and are available in either solid or two-tone color schemes All trim levels include 12-way power-adjustable heated front seats with four-way power lumbar-support. The rear seats aren’t neglected either, as the rear is quite roomy and features a center console ideal for holding drinks or accessing the emergency medical kit. The fact that these seats fold down to create more cargo space is an added bonus.

The base model that we tested carried an MSRP of $27,760 and came standard with a variety of tech features including; Bluetooth connectivity with voice-control, cruise control, AUX input, three separate power outlets, push-in key ignition, Auto Hold start-off assistance, and more. Navigation featuring upgraded Dynaudio Premium Sound System is available on all but the CC Sport trim-package. In order to enjoy the 6.5-inch high-resolution touchscreen display and integrated 30GB hard-drive of the navigation system, one will have to upgrade to the $33,080 CC Luxury, $39,310 CC VR6 Sport, or the $40,420 CC VR6 4Motion. Even with the upgrade in trim, the option will run you $2,640 on top. The same is true for the Dynaudio Premium Audio System, which will run an extra $1,000.

As with most cars, your bottom line is heavily contingent upon the features you load into your vehicle. When it comes to quality and features, the standard CC still makes a great daily driver.

The 2010 CC comes standard with a 2.0L TSI turbo 4-cylinder engine which puts out 200-hp and 207 lb-ft of torque, and if you opt for the Sport or Luxury trim packages, it is your only option, and comes mated to either a 6-speed manual or 6-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission. The VR6 Sport and 4Motion both come with a 3.6L FSI V6, which puts out 280-hp and has a peak torque of 266 lb-ft. Both models come standardly equipped with a 6-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission.

If you’re purchasing the CC as your daily driver, we recommend that you save your money and opt for the Sport or Luxury CC, especially considering the EPA estimated mileage of each is 22/31 (City/Highway) (the VR6 on the other hand, gets 18/27 mpg). Over the course of our test-drive, we were able to maintain 22 mpg in our CC Sport and enjoyed the comfortable yet sporty drive.

If you are a performance junkie however, keep in mind that the 2.0 TSI engine goes from 0-60 mph 6.9 seconds when mated to a manual, and 7.4 with the DSG Tiptronic. The V6 with the same DSG Tiptronic goes 0-60 mph in 6.6 seconds. All CC models top out at 130 mph.

The handling dynamics on the CC are one that will leave you confident when taking sharp turns, as is to be expected of many Volkswagens. Overall the CC flies down the road like you would expect any German car to do, with the added bonus of the long-legged suspension to absorb the bumps along the way.

Going back to our original question of whether or not the Volkswagen CC is worth the extra cash over its Passat sibling – we’ll have to say it definitely is. With a gorgeous exterior and an interior that screams quality and design, the CC is one four-door-coupe that won’t leave your bank account feeling lonely.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Volkswagen New Beetle Intel


Next spring 2011 in Geneva Volkswagen will present its future new Beetle version.

With its curvaceous looks comes higher proportions, wider track and lowered roofline, it would leave out the title of "darling" to the Fiat 500. This demand sports, already mentioned by the study Ragster in 2005, is underlined by its more modern technology, borrowed from the Golf. With its multi-link rear suspension and dual-clutch box, it is progressing valid defenses.
Of course, the engines - the 2.0 TDI to the 1.2 IST - are the current technological standard VW, even though the New Beetle still out of assembly lines in Mexico, in Puebla. Moreover, the deep fascia of the current model should be replaced by a cockpit unless that evokes the world of minivans. And the trunk is intended to be both larger and more accessible. A year after the marketing of the sedan, which will take place in autumn 2011 in Europe, with a convertible soft-top will complete the range.

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Audi will bring the second-generation A1 to the U.S.


The Audi A1 will sell on all the global markets, with the exception of China and the United States.
Apparently, the new A1 will be introduced on China at some point after 2011, while the United States will see it “at the earliest” with the model’s second-generation, according to Audi sales chief Peter Schwarzenbauer. It appears that Audi took the decision to expand sales of A1 after a website of the automaker attracted more than 150,000 interested customers around the world. “We will expand our production capacities by 20 percent” for the A1, Schwarzenbauer said in an interview on Tuesday. Audi A1 goal was to produce about 100,000 A1s annually at its Brussels factory. The new Audi A1 will go on sale August 27 in Europe carrying a base price of 15,800 euros in Germany.

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SKN Tuning 500 + HP Audi RS5


With more than 500 horsepower the SKN Audi RS5 finally produces the joy of riding on the road, which was promised by the manufacturer ... The SKN tuning package is exactly the approach to the vulnerability of the original RS5 and mutates it into a Powercar with extreme properties!

Tuning package consisting of:
- SKN Power Tuning Stage 2
- Milltek stainless steel exhaust system "Hockenheim Edition"
with throttle control, including motor sports Cat / Cat replacement pipe
- SKN optimized BILSTEIN PSS10 suspension system - adjustable
in height & damping
- Rims: BBS CH-R 10.5 x 20 "
- Tires: Pirelli P-Zero in 285/30 ZR 20 "
- SKN Light Alloy Wheel Spacers
- SKN Tuning warranty - MotorProtect36

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Audi planning A3 sedan for U.S. market


Ever so slowly, the United States is getting over its prejudice against hatchbacks. The subcompact segment is booming more than ever and the vast majority of vehicles in this range have a five-door configuration. Take the new Ford Fiesta, for example – the hatch is easily outselling the sedan. This may be well and good for cars living in the sub-$25,000 segment, but Americans still haven't quite grasped the idea of a premium hatchback like the Audi A3.

To try and boost sales, Audi is reportedly working on an A3 sedan for the U.S. market, which would give the automaker another vehicle to offer below the larger A4. No details have been released about the upcoming four-door A3, but we can see how this move makes sense for Audi considering how much the A4 has grown in size over the years.

If Audi is indeed working on an A3 sedan, it will be one of a kind amongst its competitors. The BMW 1 Series is only available as a coupe and convertible in the U.S., and Mercedes-Benz doesn't have any small offerings, though the next-generation B-Class hatch is being considered for U.S. consumption. Assuming all goes well, expect to see the A3 sedan sometime around 2013.

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