Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Audi Q7 “30 Year Quattro” Edition


The invention of Quattro was definitely very important for Audi, that’s why they can’t stop celebrating it! For the 30th anniversary of their unique four-wheel-drive system, Audi has prepared a special edition of their full-size SUV, the Q7, but only for the Italian market. It’s called the “30 Year Quattro” Edition and is all about extra equipments and garnishes.

This package is not cheap. For the V8 models it costs 7,900 euros and for the V6s 5,500 euros (both are diesel). And it includes a few luxury toys you can easily live without. Some of these new stuff include adaptive cruise control, Parking System Plus, Bluetooth, third row seats and …

The car also comes as standard with the Advanced Plus package which adds adaptive lights, heated, electric-powered front seats and upgraded Audi Multimedia Interface.

So the starting price for this special editions will be around 64,000 euros. You decide if it’s worth it or not.

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