Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Audi planning A3 sedan for U.S. market


Ever so slowly, the United States is getting over its prejudice against hatchbacks. The subcompact segment is booming more than ever and the vast majority of vehicles in this range have a five-door configuration. Take the new Ford Fiesta, for example – the hatch is easily outselling the sedan. This may be well and good for cars living in the sub-$25,000 segment, but Americans still haven't quite grasped the idea of a premium hatchback like the Audi A3.

To try and boost sales, Audi is reportedly working on an A3 sedan for the U.S. market, which would give the automaker another vehicle to offer below the larger A4. No details have been released about the upcoming four-door A3, but we can see how this move makes sense for Audi considering how much the A4 has grown in size over the years.

If Audi is indeed working on an A3 sedan, it will be one of a kind amongst its competitors. The BMW 1 Series is only available as a coupe and convertible in the U.S., and Mercedes-Benz doesn't have any small offerings, though the next-generation B-Class hatch is being considered for U.S. consumption. Assuming all goes well, expect to see the A3 sedan sometime around 2013.

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