Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Volkswagen XL1 (originally named 1-liter) is nothing new for VW fans. However, it appears the long two year track of intel and new photos is coming to an end. Volkswagen will finally reveal the production version of the new Plug-in Hybrid 'XL1' in less than two weeks at the Geneva MotorShow. The small 2-seater has a Driving Range of 261 MPG and powered by a 0.8L 2-Cylinder TDI with 47hp, while the electric motor produces 27hp for a grand total of 74hp. Power is sent to the rear wheels with a 7-speed dual-clutch DSG transmission allowing for a 100mph top speed, and 0-62 of 12.7 seconds. Charging only takes 1.5 hours using a household wall socket, and can drive for 50 miles in pure EV mode.

No official word on availability date, but it is expected to be priced around €45,500 ($60,000 US).

With it's unique styling, gullwing doors, cameras instead of side mirrors, total weight only 1,753 pounds, and amazing aerodynamics; there is no wonder why it's the most fuel-efficient production car in the world.

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