Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Volkswagen - Adding more emotion to the brand?


Volkswagen's Head of Development Dr Ulrich Hackenberg wants to boost VW's brand image. While commuter vehicles sell in great numbers and serve a useful purpose across the board, he believes enthusiasts are what make VW great.
He has been pushing for more 'fun' and 'emotion' driven models for the last five years, with a roadster at the top of that list. First shown in 2009, the BlueSport roadster concept was a mid-engine soft top similar to a small scale Boxster. Dr Hackenberg is still fighting for this to become a reality and has not given up hope. He recently said “It would be great for a brand like Volkswagen, because what VW needs is some emotion.” He does acknowledge there is little business justification, but believes the buyers of vehicles like the roadster are what make VW so great. He also said "Our customers want to be proud of the brand and see that the brand makes fantastic things."
Sounds like Volkswagen is finally starting to hear the cries from every loyal and enthusiast owner. Fingers crossed that the Dr can make it happen, and soon!...... While we're on the subject, can you please bring the Corrado back, a proper Scirocco R (with AWD), and (rumored) Golf RS just to name a few.

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