Friday, June 28, 2013

Audi's New LED Matrix Technology Headlights


A new LED Matrix headlight system will debut later this year on the next A8. Audi has been developing this for some time, and now more details are known.
Consisting in groups of 25 LEDS, each headlamp has 5 groups for a total of 125 LED's per unit. Working with lenses, reflectors, and a special computer control unit the lighting can be brightened or dimmed depending on condition. For example, if your traveling with high-beams on and an oncoming car is detected, the unit will automatically dim the LED's and aim them lower. This same case scenario also works for weather changes (dark to light), cornering (bending the light), and rain (feeding the light between rain drops for less glare).
This new system will make its way to every Audi in the coming years, providing optimal lighting in any situation.

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