Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Porsche 911 Hybrid coming in 2018


Porsche has confirmed via R&D chief Wolfgang Hatz that they are building a Hybrid 911.
With all the recent hybrid technology success, they are currently developing a similar formula for the 911 that will reach production on the next-generation model in 2018. The 991 was not intended for a Hybrid variation, and therein lies the challenge. With not a lot of extra space, engineers are faced with the task of squeezing in the flywheel technology and heavy batteries. They key is to keep the 2+2 layout and proportions as much as possible for production.
It is believed that the all in one unit (electric motor & PDK) currently being developed will be used. Its size just happens to fit into the 911 chassis even with both air and liquid cooling. It will produce more horsepower than currently, and be lighter in weight. There is even rumor of a wireless charging system that would work with proximity sensors placed in the garage.

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