Monday, May 14, 2012

Entry-Level Porsche on hold?


In the saga of back and forth rumors of an entry level Porsche, CEO Matthias Mueller said plans have come to a halt as they are worried about brand image. He was quoted saying "We would do no good to the brand if we were to lose traditional Porsche customers".

I can't say I agree 100% with this call for two reasons. One, the Boxster has become so expensive that an entry level Porsche would still be in the bottom half of the upper class and not embarrass the name. Second, auto brands are built on the pyramid plan with few on the top (special models) and larger core sales on the bottom (Boxster/Cayman/911). Without a solid base, the top cannot exist. Food for Thought!

Even though the small new Porsche is not entirely dead, if it comes to light its likely around 2015 or later. Also, this does leave the door open for Audi or VW to pursue their own small sportscar.

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