Thursday, August 29, 2013

VW Beetle Tuned by ABT


ABT has released their tuning program for the newest Beetle with more power and styling.
Power upgrades are available for all the below engines:
1.6L TDI > bumped from 104hp to 124hp
1.6L TDI > bumped from 104hp to 138hp
2.0L TDI > bumped from 138hp to 168hp

1.2L TSI > bumped from 104hp to 138hp
1.4L TSI > bumped from 158hp to 207hp
2.0L TSI > bumped from 197hp to 237hp
Exterior upgrades include a front/rear spoiler and headlight/taillight covers. There is also a new two-pipe exhaust system, lower/stiffer suspension, and 18' - 20' wheels available.

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