Friday, October 8, 2010

Audi A4 Hybrid intel


At Audi, the hybrid will soon be reserved for studies of living. It will equip many models. Including the A4 family, which will offer two versions with this technology.

Unlike its cousins, Porsche and Volkswagen, Audi does not yet have a hybrid model. But the brand is expected soon to catch up. The first phase of the offensive was planned from the salon Los AngelesIn late November with the presentation of a Q5hybrid. In the longer term, the A4 will also convert to this technology. It goes even further, proposing a rechargeable version on the sector. With a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 10 kWh, Audi hopes to reach a 50-km all-electric mode. But the real range should not exceed 30 km. Then, the family should use the rings to his engine, which should be the 2.0 TFSI 211 hp, this concept on A8 Hybrid the last exhibition of Geneva.

The Audi A4 will offer himself as a second version of hybrid, much less expensive. This variant is indeed unable to drive for several miles in 100% electric mode. But she goes further than a conventional Stop & Start. It may in fact cut his heating block up to look like high constant speed, like the Porsche Cayenne and Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid. Again, Audi has not confirmed the engine used. However, as this variation is poised for wide dissemination, it should probably be equipped with a small four-cylinder petrol or diesel.

A4 hybrid drive train (click for full size)

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