Monday, October 25, 2010

TECHART Porsche Panamera Grand GT


German tuning house TECHART revealed their upgrade package for the Porsche Panamera, dubbed the Grand GT. What they’re proposing includes both mechanical and visual tuning, with more power than the standard car which is based on the Turbo model, and a more aggressive and more exclusive design.

Set for premiere at Zurich Car Show from November 11 to 14, the TECHART Grand GT gets a massive body kit made of fiber-reinforced composite based on carbon, glass-fiber-reinforced plastic and polyurethane RIM components. It consists of front bumper with integrated splitter and large ventilation intakes, multifunctional daytime running lights, and TECHART Aero engine hood.

That’s the front of the car, you also get side skirts and flared fenders increase the width of the Panamera by 21mm on each side of the front axle compared to the standard vehicle and 42mm on each side of the rear axle, roof spoiler, the much larger rear spoiler, rear apron with integrated air openings and matching diffuse and oval dual active tailpipes which can be controlled electronically.

As for the power, the standard 4.8 l twin-turbo engine is boosted from 368 kW to 426 kW, and simultaneously the torque has gone up from 700 to 830 Nm. That is due to the TECHART engine management TECHTRONIC system.

The Grand GT rides on TECHART Formula II design in 22-inch and the TECHART Formula III forged light alloy wheels in 21- and 22-inch. The interior is tweaked too, with an entertainment package with two 7-inch screens that are seamlessly integrated in the design of the front seat backrests, incorporated in a high-quality leather screen console matching the colour of the vehicle’s interior. You also get fold-away tables at the back.

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