Monday, October 25, 2010

Eisenmann Audi R8 Spark Eight


Eisenmann is company specializing in professional sport exhaust systems, but they decided to come up with a complete package for the Audi R8. And they’ve done a nice hob, sort of! They call it the Spark Eight, and let’s start with its high performance stainless steel exhaust system with a single tailpipe like that of Bugatti Veyron!

This 4600 Euro system has valves and flaps in it which are all electronically controlled enabling you to adjust the noise of the car via a remote control. As an option, Eisenmann also offers a 3800 Euro system with four tailpipes.

The aero kit they’ve put on the R8 includes front splitter, new grille and air intakes with new fins, brake cooling chambers, rear diffuser. That is complimented with 19-inch wheels and new shock absorbers with four performance springs. The wheels are wrapped in 235/35 (front) and 315/30 (rear) tires.

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